Tied in Leap Device to WordBoard

Not as “ninja accurate” as it will be, but it works.

Weekend Goals accomplished.
Made a word board that acts like a nurse and can take in cheap and easy interaction.

Booya, now 2-3 times as much work to clean this up and tighten up that control.


Thanks to Sergey Barskiy for advice, all the developers whose code I’ve used and saved myself some hassle.

Especially this guy: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/550336/Leap-Motion-Move-Cursor . I took his code added some Enum/flags for status and cut out anything not needed for a static library call.  His logic was sound for the most part (though I had  a line by line translated from VB since I saw things like “Nan” I knew the checks couldn’t have been working.) .  Other than that he wrote a nice intro almost 6 months ago and seems to know his code.


Only complaint on Leap Development:  No 4.5 version for their DLL’s kills off async since presentation layer needs to be 4.0 to run or 3.5 if that dll is referenced.


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