Some Low quality home demo’s

Thanks to Nathan Dupuis for the new UX/UI. Worked late on weekends with me.  Looks “awesome”, yes that is the technical term.

We tried hitting the city, but the projector was too bright and seemed to flashlight everything.

More UI work/Apps to follow.  Adding loading window for Kinect like Loading then press on mouse over.

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  1. Hey, are you going to release any of these apps or the software that you produced to the public? It seems pretty interesting what you have done with SS and almost everything that i have thought needs to be implemented has been by you. Well with the exception of voice commands. Anyways, if you could give me a few pointers of aim me in the right direction as to how to get all of this stuff working, I would really appreciate that…

  2. I did this for a company doing a documentary. They are going with a “What it will look like in a long time” view. Which I don’t totally disagree with. I still need to make a screen that allows word pre-recognition for people who have trouble talking, the video and camera capture through kung-fu 3 direction swipes. The Voice recognition works and the code is in there.

    I think even on this blog. It only works with Windows Vista/7/8 though. I found that out the hard way rebuilding my PC from Windows 2012 (heh).

    This specific code may or may not get out, there is A lot of 3rd party. It I had less than 4 days to do it all (2 weekends). However, there is a library this was built on that will be going out I think I said in October. Then onto WinRT libraries.

    Nathan was great added back a “oh yeah its not just for geeky developers” element. In the end haven’t implemented everything yet. I want kung fu commands. Like, wrist flicking taking pictures etc. I would say though 90% is MS built in stuff you get for free with their OS so its been pretty easy.

    Menu, WebCamControl are 3rd party but still go back and use MS base libraries and are open licensed. There will be an invisible background service looking for whatever commands you are looking to send.

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