Augmented Reality Device – Architecture change, same thin look. 2 mirrors for non reversing screen.

Working on my new device on Vacation.   I have found that adding 1 additional mirror allows the device to work in a forward facing but without the need for reversing screen. Between this new functionality and the Gyration Air Mouse  I have been able to create a device that I think surpasses the original creation by allowing the device to work on Linux, Apple or Windows.  Also this kills the need for any Software shell for now. Each app can have it’s own shell now.  I still believe this is carrying on the spirit of Pranav’s “interactive life enhancing-computing”.  Just moving the goal post a few yards.

My Device taking a vacation : 

The red arrows show the direction of the projector reflection.

I went back to my old reliable peice of plastic and just added another flat mirror for the first mirror to bounce the projection off of.

The Device working with Windows 8.

Adding some real code tomorrow, where it can capture images randomly and give you information about your surroundings.

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