Azure Tools for ACS

Keeping a collection of Tools in one spot.  Self STS is a tool to help emulate Active Directory STS calls.

ACS choreography. – From a  Scott Seely video.

1. User requests page

2. Page tells user to redirect to ACS

3. User is redirected to ACS service, Presents all list sof tokens they can choose (Yahoo, Google, Live, ADFS, Facbook)

4. User chooses tokens.

5. Redirects based on token to service login.

6. After login, it gives user back a token for ACS.

7.  Redirects the user back to ACS with the provider token.

8. ACS returns the user an ACS token.

9. The User is redirected back to teh page with the security token.

10. THe page then returns the page response.


Only happens once per session. Not each page unless they leave the session.

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