Couldn’t Uninstall Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages when trying to install WebMatrix MVC3

A few different links helped, this one to enable verbose logging. Verbose Logging.
I didn’t do the post registry delete, I just changed their keys back to their proper values:
Set Installer Debug Values. Go to registry and reset these to desired values.

This Post by Matt Garven finally worked, I couldn’t link it but it is the first workaround to this post: Microsoft Connect: Matt’s Post:
Posted by matt.garven on 3/10/2011 at 10:35 PM
We experienced the same issue – I was unable to install because an old version of “Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages” was still installed. However, the uninstaller was failing for the old version.

It seems VS 2010 SP 1 modifies the framework paths in the registry to contain a trailing backslash, which causes the uninstaller for the old version of “Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages” to fail.

Steps to workaround are:

1. Remove the trailing backslash from the following registry keys:

2. Uninstalled the old version of “Microsoft ASP.NET Web Pages”.
3. Add the trailing backslash back to those keys.
4. Install MVC 3.

Good stuff.

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  1. Thankyou! Have been searching on and off for a solution to this for a few days now. I was getting worried i would need to reinstall my os entirely. Lifesaver

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