Getting back on Autodeploy late October since its so close to done.


I was really close to finishing it. It busted in x64 bit testing.
Here are the screenshots from when I left it in May.  This was a runthrough of the ESB 2.0 config. I built it so I could hit a site and let their IT staff install everything needed with guided help.   Its really helpful if you have WAY to much stuff to install.
Shows the user all the commands
It should be named guided deployer.
Possible Commands:
///Command – doesRegistryEntryExist – to see if a registry entry exists (example:SOFTWARE/Microsoft/UDDI)
///Command – isInstalled – to see if they have the proper installations (example:SQL Server)
///Command – isServiceInstalled – to see if they have the proper service installed (example:IISADMIN)
///Command – Message
///Command – runCommandLine (EXE, COM, PS1, EXE, MSI, ZIP/UNZIP, Copy Move, Mappings can all be done here.)
///Command – runSQLCommand (Run Command From XML Config)
///Command – runSQLScript (SQL in file)
///Command – runIfServiceExists
///Command – runIfProgramInstalled
///Command – runIfRegistryExists
///Command – addXElement
///Command – replaceOrAddXElementIfMissing
///Command – replaceOrAddXAttributeIfMissing


…. Ill post more on it next month.


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