Older Users Group Speech,

Please join us for the first meeting in 2010 of the Georgia Chapter of the BizTalk Server User Group on January 19th.


Karl Rissland of Microsoft will be giving a give a quick roadmap presentation and sharing some of the key BizTalk videos from the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. Karl will also be providing a 15 minute overview concerning the announcement of BizTalk Server 2009 R2.

Mark Rowe of Magenic will be presenting on a “” using the ESB 2.0 Giuidance for 2006R2/2009. Mark’s presentation will go into depth concerning;

1.      How to decide to thrown an error on the decode or let it error out to not allow for the original file to be lost.

2.      Creating a Gentle Exception Wrapper re-throwing that new Exception.

3.      Catching that Gentle Exception

4.      Emulating the ESB FaultMsg.

5.      Creating a “catch all” for all errors within an organization.

6.      Changing the Catch All into Gentle Errors.

7.      Creating a “common” BizTalk error handling Orchestration to take in all of the above errors and properly forward them to wherever they need to go.



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