One work around for Management Portal Issues. ESB 2.1 Part 2 – Missing Application

 I have yet to find the reason why esb.exception handling doesn’t get added when the rest do.
(This happens when you choose SSO and apply the Configuration selection in the ESB Configuration Toolkit. )
The "work around" has been to remove it from SSO and use a "File Configuration like so"
 THe rest

This below not fix the SSODB problem, it does however fix the error from arising when trying to navigate to the portal home page.


Function: GetConfigInfo (SSOProperties)
Tracking ID: 97fbc4ce-9a27-4f1c-bd9c-73953cd96f8a
Client Computer: IRDEV (w3wp.exe:3976)
Client User: IRDEVAdministrator
Application Name: ESB.exceptionHandling
Error Code: 0xC0002A04, The application does not exist.

This led me to think  ESB.exceptionHandling belongs in the SSO DB.
Actually the above was just another error that triggered an exception which caused the SSO to get hit for the esb.exceptionHandling application, and it wasn’t listed in the SSODB .
I even just tried adding ESB.exceptionHandling and adding the row to the DB manually.  After I received an Incorrect Parameter error.  
I created a dual boot machine ot throw 2.0 back up to see if it was added during 2.0 and it isn’t.
I had originally created individual web sites for ESB Web Exception and Core Web Services. Originially these had bindings that weren’t the same as the default website.
After removing those two Websites, I went back into the configuration tool and reset the Website Names to default website for both Angel
This was due to the fact that each site had it’s own Bindings and the sites were expecting these to be in the same binding set.  I still need to research if this is due to relative path calls (so they would have to be on the same bindings) or some configuration file that is used reference the call, that can be changed.
The resulting website looked like so:
After the esb portal  came up fine.

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