DCPromo kills test BizTalk box.

I needed to run a test to generate a certificate using certificate services, so I had to run my local server dev box as a Domain.  I had to add directory services through the server manager.  I ran the DCpromo.  I ran my certificate tests and proved what I needed to.  Up until this point everythign was done well.
However after I was done, I wanted to get back my original user information and test box.  So I DCPromo’ed again, removed the domain and assumed my user would revert to my non-domain "Users" folder.  However once you do the DCPROMO up and back the User ->User mappings fail (this was the same error SQL kept giving me).
SQL wouldnt even start anymore and the repair failed.  I can’t log into Biztalk and the Biztalk Groups are missing from my local computer managent- User management.
Note to self:  Dont mix to many different kinds of tests.   This is leading me to completely reload the box from scratch, since I was having issues installing the 2.1 ESB tool.   THis is probably a better approach.  On Friday I should have a step by step "building an ESB 2.1 Box from scratch"

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  1. I was able to restart by setting the service accounts to local system. (Thank you Sergey). However all of the biztalk groups are still missing so I am rebuilding from scratch.

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